Schedule a Consultation

We will be happy to schedule a consultation with one of our trainers. This will give us a chance to learn more about your dog and your training goals. At the same time, a consultation will give you an opportunity to get to know us, our locations and our training techniques.

We are currently offering three different types of consultations:

1. Phone/video consultation. The session is about 30 minutes and the price is $50. The scheduling for this option is the most flexible, as it does not require you to get to our facilities.

2. Daycare + evaluation. In this case you leave your dog with us for the day. You can drop them off any weekday after 8am and pick them up anytime before 6pm. During the day, we will have them interact with other dogs (either directly or indirectly as appropriate) so we can see how they react and whether they are playful or shy. A trainer will also work with them a couple of times a day, so we can learn more about their behavior, find out what motivates them, and see how they interact with people. We will either meet with you at pick up, or have a follow up phone conversation, to discuss our observations and provide our recommendations moving forward. The price for this consultation is $70.

3. One-on-one meeting with a trainer: this meeting takes place in one of our training arenas (either in Carlton or Sturgeon Lake). Meetings can be scheduled for 8am, 9am or 5pm weekdays. The session will be about 45 minute long, with both you and your dog. We will discuss your training goals for your dog, their current behavior issues, and provide our recommendation for management and best path forward to meet your training goals. The in-person consultation gives us a chance to see your dog's behavior and interact with them while you are present. The price for in-person consultation is $75.