We offer a combined program of in-house training and private sessions. This comprehensive, custom tailored program includes 4 to 8 weeks of in-kennel training (depending on your training goals). Your dog stays in our comfortable, secure facility and gets three individual training sessions per day with one of our professional trainers. These sessions focus on the dog's specific needs, including obedience, socialization with dogs and/or people, resource guarding and more.

The dogs stay at one of our locations, either in Carlton or Sturgeon Lake. The kennels are heated and air-conditioned. Each dog has their own kennel with toys, fresh water and a Kuranda elevated dog bed. In addition to training, dogs go out 5 times a day to play in one of our fenced-in yards.  The kennel has a heated slab and central AC system, so the temperature inside is always very comfortable.

The program includes two one-on-one sessions while your dog is in training, and two sessions after your dog goes home. The goal is to teach the owner what the dog has been taught, so both the dog and owner can learn to communicate and operate as a team.

  • 4 weeks: on-leash training ($2050 )
  • 6 weeks: off-leash + recall and "leave it" ($3075)
  • 8 weeks: complete off-leash training, including hand signals, commands in motion and commands from a distance ($3900)
  • 12 weeks: advanced training; such as field work and therapy dogs (contact us for details)

Payment Plan: we require a non-refundable down payment of a week of training ($487.50) to save the spot. The rest is divided into 6 monthly payments.

In order to start the program, your dog needs to be vaccinated, including Rabies, DHPP and Kennel Cough (Bordetella). We also require results from a stool sample, checked by a vet, no more than 2 weeks before the start of the program. In addition to your dog's vaccination records, please print and bring with you the Training Agreement

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