Daycare Training in Carlton, MN

Daycare Training: In this program you bring your dog here once a week for the day. During their stay, dogs get training sessions with one of our trainers. The training sessions will focus on obedience, impulse control, or behavior problems, depending on the dog. The dog-to-dog socialization sessions focus on your dog meeting other dogs in a supervised and controlled setting (one trainer for each dog). The goal of these sessions is to teach your dog the social skills he needs in order to interact with other dogs.


Drop offs are from 8am and pickups are any time before 6pm. 

  • A package of 10 Daycare Training days. (Once a week for ten weeks) with one training session per day and two private sessions for $585
  • A package of 10 Daycare Training days (Once a week for ten weeks) with two training sessions per day and three private sessions for $720

The private sessions are one-on-one sessions with a trainer in our training arena. They usually last an hour, and are an opportunity to learn more how to handle your dog and use everything they learn while with us.



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