Day Care

If your dog needs to work on his socialization skills – with people and/or other dogs -, or just some more obedience training, you might want to consider our day care service.

We offer day care every weekday between 7am and 7pm, for the cost of $35 plus tax per day. During the day, the dog will stay in our kennel and will go out play in one of our fenced in-runs, with other dogs or by himself, depending on his social skills.

Daycare with Training: During their stay, we can provide specially tailored training sessions. Obedience sessions focus on the training goals you set up with your trainer and can include, for example, impulse control, loose leash walk, heel and more. Dog-to-dog socialization sessions focus on your dog meeting other dogs in a supervised and controlled setting (one trainer for each dog). The goal of these sessions is to teach your dog the social skills he needs in order to interact with other dogs.

if you are interested in day care and training, the cost is $60. A package of 10 is $540.

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