We pride ourselves in the treatment that we give your dog in our kennel. Our climate-controlled (heated, air-conditioned, and dehumidified) kennel is designed to give each dog the best care and a great time. They might not even want to come home!

We offer:

  • Private stalls for each dog.
  • Elevated Kuranda bed in each stall.
  • 7 fenced-in runs in each location.
  • 5 outside play-sessions per day.
  • Central AC system, a heated floor, UV filtration system and commercial grade dehumidifier.
  • Flexible drop off and pick up hours: 7am-7pm on weekdays; 7-10am and 4-7pm on weekends and holidays.
  • Are able to handle also dogs who have behavior issues or need medications/Insulin etc.

We have spacious private stalls for each dog, large fenced-in areas outside. While the stalls are large, our kennel is small. By limiting the number of dogs we can host, we make sure that we give your dog all the attention they need. All dogs get at least five running and playing sessions per day, either with other dogs or alone depending on their preference.

We charge $48 plus tax per night for the first dog, and $38 plus tax for the second dog from the same family. You can call or email us to make a reservation.

For boarding, we require a Boarding Customer Agreement. In addition, dogs need to be up to date on their vaccinations, including Rabies, DHPP and kennel cough (Bordetella). Most veterinarians offer the Bordetella vaccine as an option. Therefore, make sure to check whether your dog is up to date also on Bordetella before boarding him with us. Please make sure to bring a copy of your dog's vaccination records with you, or ask your vet to email it to us directly.

Smart Boarding

For just an additional $30 per session, consider our Smart Boarding option. Your dog will get the desired number of training sessions during weekdays on top of the socialization, play and exercises that comes with regular boarding. This program is ideal for very active dogs that need the extra stimuli or dogs that are in training already to keep the momentum going.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a contagious, upper-respiratory disease, similar to common cold. Here at RR we do the best we can to minimize the risk for kennel cough. All dogs that board with us are up to date on their vaccination. Our kennels are cleaned every day with special detergent for kennels. Our A/C system in the kennel is an industrial level system, and we use medical grade filters in the rooms. While the spread of kennel cough can be minimized by proper cleaning, isolating obviously sick animals, and properly ventilating the facility, remember that no amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care is guaranteed to be 100% effective against the illness.

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