Adopt a Trained Dog

Since it is easier to find a home for a trained dog, at RR we work with multiple rescues, training some of their dogs. The dogs come for the in-kennel training program, and stay with us for a month or more, until they are ready to be adopted.

In addition to having some of the dogs in our training facilities in Carlton and Sturgeon Lake. We also run a training program at the Moose Lake Correctional Facility. Dogs that participate in this program are housed with inmates, who train them multiple times a day, working on their obedience, as well as interaction with other dogs and people.

If you adopt one of the dogs that has been trained in one of our programs, you are eligible for a month of private classes and a month of group classes free of charge, just to make sure that you are able to use and enjoy the skills and knowledge of your trained dog.

Here are some of the dogs that are currently in training. They are either ready to be adopted, or will be ready soon:
Wilder (MN Pit Bull Rescue)
Jade (Pet Heaven)

Here are some of the dogs that have been adopted through one of our programs:
Banjo (Animal Allies)
Frank with Damon
Lucy and her family
(Nemo Paws Rescue)
Mika and her family
(Northland Working Dog Rescue)
Tom-Tom (Friends of Animals)
(Northland Working Dog Rescue)
(MN Pitbulls)
Blanco (Pet Haven)
Brooks and his family
(4 Pits Sake Rescue)
Frisco and his family
(Animal Allies)
Buster (Unbreakabull)

Titus (Boxers Across America)
(Northland Working Dog Rescue)
(Northland Working Dog Rescue)
(Boxers Across America)

(Boxers Across America)
Dexter and his family
(Animal Allies)
(Friends of Animals)
(Friends of Animals)
(Friends of Animals)

(Friends of Animals)
(Friends of Animals)

(Animal Allies)
(MN Pitbulls)
Clover (Across America Boxer Rescue)
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