What’s new at RR?

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, RR is currently offering in-kennel training, private sessions (outside) as well as boarding services. We are not offering group classes or puppy classes. We are also offering packages of private classes and day care, so your dog can work on obedience as well as their socialization skills. Just email us or give us a call to schedule.

Updated Schedule for the holidays:

Group classes will not be offered between Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd. We will resume classes as usual on Monday, Jan. 6th. Puppy classes, private classes, in-kennel training and boarding will continue as usual. Happy holidays, the RR team.

This is Nugget. Nugget finished her training at RR and just moved to her foster home. As you see, Nugget does love Rowdy, and can get to know some dogs. However, it takes her some time, and she is often too nervous around dogs. She will have to be a single dog in her new home.

Here are Thelma (left) and Farrah (right), who are working on their upland hunting skills in our Hunting Program in Sturgeon Lake. Good job, girls!

RR has been participating in the Prison Program in the Minnesota Correctional Facility–Moose Lake for two years. It is such a great program, which benefits everyone involved. We love being part of it. Here is an article about the program that was just published in the Superior Telegram.

RR Proffessional Dog Training staff member works with inmate D. to teach Gracie better manners to help make her more adoptable. In the background, Taz, a Shepard mix, waits for his inmate to release him from a down/stay position. Jamie Lund/Pine Journal

More dogs are learning how to use the treadmill, enjoying some exercise in this long winter. Here is Roy on the treadmill.

This is Tiana, from PJ rescue. Tiana is working on her interaction with dogs. She already knows and loves some dogs, but new dogs aren’t easy for her. Look how great she is doing with Henrik, who she just met. Tiana is looking for a foster or a home.

This is Frank, from Breakabull Rescue. Frank loves people and toys, but he has a hard time with dogs. Here you see photos of Frank working on his interaction with other dogs. Frank is trying hard to learn how to play, and he is improving every day.

This is Rowdy (black and white pit), playing with Finnegan. Rowdy loves all dogs, but he is very shy around new people. After some time, Rowdy is ready to trust and love his people. Rowdy is looking for a foster home that is willing to give him the time to get to know them.

We just got a new dog treadmill for the Carlton arena. Treadmills are a great way to exercise your dog in the winter, and curb destructive behavior. Some of the in-kennel training dogs are already learning to use it, and love it. Check the following videos.

Copper on the treadmill

Theo, who is currently in our in-kennel training program in Sturgeon Lake, is working on his send-outs and recall with Katie.

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