Private Training Sessions

We offer private one-to-one training sessions, which are scheduled according to your schedule, and tailored according to your dog’s needs.

Private training sessions are highly recommended for owners whose dogs are experiencing behavior problems such as anxiety or aggression, but can also be beneficial for owners with tight schedules or specific training needs.

In most cases, we recommend that after 3 private sessions you start group classes. Most dogs find group classes to be more challenging, since other dogs and people are often a distraction. Therefore, working with your dog in this environment improves the dog’s obedience, and his ability to handle more challenging environments.

Private sessions cost $65 per hour. The starter package, which includes 3 private sessions and one month of group classes is $315. Group classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm in our Carlton training facility. On Thursdays, group classes meet at 7:30pm in Duluth, in the downtown location of Canal Bark (209 W Michigan street in Duluth).

In order to start training, your dog needs to be vaccinated, including Rabies and DHPP. We also recommend that you vaccinate your dog for Kennel Cough (Bordetella). In addition to your dog’s vaccination records, please print and bring with you the Training Agreement.

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